NSA has been spying on the EU - anti terrorism?

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NSA has been spying on the EU - anti terrorism?

Postby viking60 » 06 Jan 2014, 00:42

The NSA have been spying on the EU and the UN. And when the EU delegations are hosted in America the facilities provided are tapped, This is a part of the Prism program.
The Brits have a similar program called Tempora.

This is reported by Der Spiegel who has access to the Snowden documents.

Some times the hardware and the network is prepared up front to gain access. In september of 2010 the NSA "attacked" an EU delegation in Washington.
"Good old" microphones were installed and networks were infiltrated. This way the NSA had access to every word spoken in the meeting rooms as well as the written computerized communication.

In the leaked NSA document - the Europeans are called the target of the attack.
Having defined the target the NSA also spied on the Telephone zentral in the EU headquarters i Brussels. Here every member state has meeting rooms and internet access. - in the Justus-Lipsius building. These facilities where under surveillance of the NSA according to Snowdens leaks to Der Spiegel.

After an EU check, it turned out that the telephone central was attacked by the NATO headquarter in Brussels - specifically the NSA department.

How can this be defened as anti-terrorism? How does this increase your and my security?
And how can they justify the Snowden leaks as espionage after this? Are we helping terrorists by revealing this? And as the NSA state: They have not broken any laws.
Is it not time to make a law then - since there are no moral boundaries against spying on your allies?

Is leaking this unpatriotic?

The attempts to defend this activity as National security and anti-terrorism look pathetic.

No wonder the NSA and the GCHQ are rather quiet these days - the "everybody does it" defence is a disaster when you spy on Germany and other allies, although valid when it comes to certain other countries.

But if we have nothing to hide; we should not care - right?
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