Au and Ag

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Au and Ag

Postby R_Head » 07 Aug 2020, 04:12

Anybody keeping with the prices? If you can, get a hold of Ag, is going to be a huge surprise few months down the road. I am invested Localy and Overseas on Precious Metals about 10 years ago, buying a bit here and there.

The US Dollar is going to crash. Is not #45 fault, this, have been brewing for decades if you dig a bit in history. You cannot run debt to infinite, Keynesian Economics is fraud and that is what is taught in Universities and all those so called "Experts" all they know is this flawed system. Austrian Economics got it right.

Interesting elections were in 2016, was the choice of who do you want to oversee a bankrupt nation defeated on wars. The other choice, would sold the USA to the lowest bidder by now.

Politics aside, this economical shît storm was preplaned, decades ago. This 'Rona crap, based on my understamding (clinical and tactical), is a Binary Bio Weapon. Is harmless as is, but needs 1 other component and is WHO and Bill Gates Vaccine. This bug was unleashed to destabilize the world's economics that was in a downward spiral already since 2008, this was the nudge to push it even down the tubes.

Forget politics, is nothing more than a theater. Use the Economics Money Spin and you will see the slighted hand we are getting.

New tech will arrive, hidden from all of us from the powers at be. Silver is a huge component of such tech and if you want to make some coin (pun intended), invest on some Silver. Few clues, the Universe is not what you think it is, Einstein was wrong, Tesla found some interesting things, the Collider is... a waste of cash seeking some that is not there, Quantum Mechanics is a mathematical shoehorn some the acandemic mathematicians have no clue and seek reconciliation. #45 is/was an unexpected wild card that threw a "Sabo" in their plans. News Media will face a fork on the road, Tell the Truth/Report Propaganda, free market will dictate the winner. Religion will get a huge black eye when the truth comes out.

Is going to be bumpy ride in the 2020's, spiritual, politicaly, economicaly and technologicaly. Keep an open mind and accept the changes and prepare to be challenged (knowledge).

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Re: Au and Ag

Postby gnuuser » 09 Oct 2020, 01:55

you can bet news will report propaganda! They are already political tools widely exploited by democrats!
yet no one is doing a damn thing to force them to report the truth.
politics smells and bulls#!t sells!

and religion needs a big black eye!
In glad I'm an atheist I can sit by and watch so many people get taken for their "Beliefs"
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