Mageia 7.1

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Mageia 7.1

Postby dedanna1029 » 29 Apr 2020, 01:49

I'm getting md5sum and sha512 errors on the Mageia 7.1 x86-64 classic installation disk (ISO file). Are there any reported issues with this that anyone knows of? Jim?

md5sum of the file itself: A94230067F413A55AA469BCC74AF21B5v
The reported md5sum on their site (from their md5sum file: 4CC1D53BC7A3683C92F0CAC1716F2543
sha512sum that I get: 36B7C2BB7CC878B02A476CE3CC20E94DF6D0AAD2CA85CE471AB9B54B0D2F43D6BBA385F9BAFBB76A4C8AC9F71EA47C71CDD3005260A85F481552F1468207D44C
Their sha512sum file reports: 1cbf269a0dfda5482505cc97d9c8cda19c0969a6e5bdf48c3391c8c9f567fafb48162c5f700801b2fc590eb258bf98f478606f6bc3582a242c6e775c65ff1f4c

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