(Windows) What will play an iso video file? Topic is solved

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Re: (Windows) What will play an iso video file?  Topic is solved

Postby dedanna1029 » 28 Oct 2015, 05:33

OK, so I'm really really really stupid.

I'd tried to play three of my .iso files in VLC, MPlayer, etc., and none of them would do anything.

I extracted the three - turns out they were corrupted files. They played back really choppy once extracted, a couple of them wouldn't play back at all from the extracted folder.

I tried a fourth .iso file after that yesterday, it worked. Played back OK.

I'm suspecting a very old USB drive that they're on is wearing quickly.

I'm sorry folks. I had no way of knowing.

So, I've just lost a lot of movie backups looks like. I still have to go through the rest of them. If there's any others that are still good I'm going to move them to a newer drive. The sad thing is some of these through my trials in life I don't have the original dvds for any more, I lost them. Those will be lost for good, looks like. :(
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Re: (Windows) What will play an iso video file?

Postby R_Head » 29 Oct 2015, 15:31

One word.... aMule


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