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MX Linux

Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 20:38
by jemadux
I like the MX Linux .. it's Mepis+ antiX based (debian stable )

based on debian stable and xfce packages .

I am just installed it beacause It works as I want it .

I am using Google Chrome so it's ok as my phone is android 1

and as mail client i prefer sylpheed ..

if ain't broken , don't flix it

Re: MX Linux

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 12:04
by viking60
I remember Mempis from the old days and it was very good! Must have a look at MX Linux now...

Re: MX Linux

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 12:30
by jemadux
yes it's so good .. i like it so much

Re: MX Linux

Posted: 19 Oct 2019, 18:44
by gnuuser
I have mx on 3 different machines Dell,hp, and an emachine all set up and configured decently with no problems.
my wife is a linux noob and she likes it as well