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Fedora 24

Posted: 15 Sep 2016, 12:02
by viking60
I have had this on my box for quite some time.

I have upgraded from Fedora 23 to Fedora 24 which went well.

Today I looked into it again and upgraded 549 files - surely that will break something after all this time!?

So I did a

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sudo dnf update

and let it work for a loong time.

It all went through :shock: after a reboot It was business as usual.

Fedora is becoming a good desktop these days. Some complaints about vbox client stuff but all in all you can now upgrade and continue working without the traditional "Fedora breaking on purpose" effect +1

Fedora comes with SELinux activated so you will have a hardened Linux desktop - "harder" than most other Distros as in pretty secure.

The SELinux may sometimes stop you from doing your stuff so you may have to temporarily shut it of:
To check the status:

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Here the answer will be

To shut it off:

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setenforce 0

Now the answer to getenforce will be:

To turn it on again:

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setenforce 1

Just mentioning it since this is not so common on other distros.

Distros that prove themselves over time will be favorites on most desktops - Fedora is getting there ! +1

Re: Fedora 24

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 00:40
by viking60
I visited my Fedora 24 again today and there were 253 updates! :Doh:
In the old days that was the same as trouble...

The update went through ...and everything worked perfectly! Fedora 24 is actually stable! :s

Re: Fedora 24

Posted: 20 Nov 2016, 23:53
by viking60
Update one month later with DNF that the Fedora guys have found to be an abbreviation for Dandified Yum (Rule to remember: "Did Not Finish").

Still nothing broken and well behaved despite lots of updates.

Microsoft has released its MSSQL database for Linuxand Fedora has it I might give it a spin.

Re: Fedora 24

Posted: 03 Aug 2017, 11:43
by mariad
Quite informative.