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Linux Lite

Postby viking60 » 18 Aug 2016, 09:22

I decided to check out Linux Lite since it is described as a newbie friendly power pack in disguise.
I downloaded the 64 bit version and it was 955 MB / and fired up the DVD

The update drivers is highlighted but that is pointless on a DVD so I went directly on the Install icon on the desktop.
Picked my Language and chose to use the entire disk. Plenty of warnings later the install started. Not possible to go much wrong there.
Then I was prompted for the user and to give a password.
After that the "install slideshow" started.
I had chosen to download updates as part of the install so I did not have to do that manually later. This came up with an error message!
And after a while I got the message that the install had failed and the usual auto bug send message:
Time to check if this goes for the entire install or if it only is regarding the lack of updates.
So I rebooted....
The install was completely fubared.
Trying again without the update function...
...And the installer crashed again. :C
This concludes my testing of Linux Lite :berserk2 It was a waist of time :berserkf
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