Giving Oracle Linux 7.1 a spin

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Giving Oracle Linux 7.1 a spin

Postby viking60 » 19 Mar 2015, 22:15

Oracle has a distribution with an "unbreakable kernel" that can be updated without rebooting (ksplice). So I was curios about it and downloaded it to give it a spin.
Naturally I will run this in Oracles Virtualbox +1

The installation:
So the iso boots and I get a nice professional looking screen:

I pick the global Valhallian locale and get a nice looking setup screen:
Network was not autodetected so I had to pick from a dropdown menu. Bridged or connect to the existing Net on the Mothership etc..
Since I had another install on this VB I had to actively delete the old partitions and reclaim the space before I let Oracle autopartition them.

This is pretty much how Fedora does it too.
I provided the root password and the user password and made my user admin.
It was pretty painless and then the installation was finished.

Time to reboot....
And it looks like this after I have rebooted and logged in:
Yup this is a server all right - no need for unnecessary DE's there :-D
I know nothing about Oracle but it seem that it uses Yum so I did a

Code: Select all

sudo yum update

and got an error messages so now I have to figure out how to hook repos up to this thing......
Looks like I have no network :berserk2
In fact I did not pick a server with GUI so I assumed Oracle would install something... but it didn't... so reinstalling server with GUI now :-D
And this thing seems to have trouble finding a network connection which is strange since all other distros get the Network automatically in Oracles Virtualbox :confused

And if "GUI" is that horrible Gnome 3 then consider this an "Oh no something went wrong" server :mrgreen:

In any case after a reboot I get an accept license and finish configuration dialog so I guess I have got it right this time.
Oracle wants me to register in the "Unbreakable Linux Network" it looks like I have to to get the repos going....
I started the process where they wanted a CSI number that uniquely can identify me and probably serves to send me I broke it off.

That lead me to this screen:
So Oracle Linux cannot be updated without the registration.
I now have a fairly functioning Desktop With Gnome 3 without update possibilities and without network. Automatic DHCP does not seem to work.
My settings indicate that the network is connected but I cannot ping anything so Gnome is deceiving me there.

So here I am then with Oracle Unbreakable Kernel Gnome 3 and no network as in no IP connectivity at all.
:A ... to-network

I have Centos (RedHat) and Debian servers running nicely in Oracles VirtualBox. Oracle 7.1 does not.

I fail to see how this one can compete with Suse or RedHat (Oracle claims to have improved RedHat) or Debian.

I would have expected this one to shine in Virtualbox and that is not the case.

I am sure it can be made to work with some double somersaults and standing on your head but go for Centos,Debian or Suse servers instead - then you don't have to.
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