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Zorin 8

Postby viking60 » 13 Feb 2014, 21:43

Zorin is the Ubuntu based "Lindows".
You can pick Windows7 Windows XP and Gnome 2 layout in the menu via the Zorin look changer.
This is a good thing for newcomers who are not interested in geeky stuff. They will feel right at home.

So I downloaded it and fired the Live CD. It looks nice and and has fancy sounds and (Compiz)effects. That is a good thing +1
The default layout is "Windows 7".

The menu functions and the looks are changed on the fly with the look changer so that part works perfectly.
Gnome 2 pops up exactly as the good old Gnome 2 I am used to.

So I decided to install it and went through the motions picked my locale and all of the installation was in Valhallian - so far so good.
I entered my user and password and was finished.

Then I booted and found that the installed system was in English and Valhallian was not even an option. :berserk2
I also got an error message and was asked if I wanted to send a bugreport to Ubuntu - and if it was OK that I revealed my password.
Hell no that is not OK :berserkf
So I broke it off and re-installed and on the first log in it crashed again. So that is where I stopped. :naughty: I cannot recommend this to a beginner - and that is what it clearly is for.

Don't get me wrong I think the idea is brilliant - but I can make other distros look like Windows 7 too. It is just not as easy as i Zorin.

A fully working Zorin 8 would be an obvious recommendation to Linux newcomers - a faulty one that does not install correctly and does not deliver your locale would be a nightmare.

Good idea bad implementation.

Zorin can not compete with PCLOS and Mint in term of user friendliness - at least not the installation.
If you could manage to get it working it would be perfect for ex Windows users.

But they switched to avoid the Windows problems and do not need a set of new ones. Zorin is to buggy.
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