Fuduntu 14.9 Release Candidate ready for testing

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Fuduntu 14.9 Release Candidate ready for testing

Postby dedanna1029 » 05 Mar 2011, 20:08

This looks interesting. Have not tried it, but might.
I wanted to let everyone know that the Fuduntu 14.9 Release Candidate is now available for download, and also available as an update in the testing repository. We need testers to help validate the updates before pushing them to the stable repository and releasing "stable" media.

New packages added (to a new installation) by user request:

yum-presto - Presto plugin for yum
nano - A small text editor
dracut-network - Dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with network support
cifs-utils - Utilities for mounting and managing CIFS mounts
wqy-zenhei-fonts - WenQuanYi Zen Hei CJK Font
time - A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources

http://www.fewt.com/2011/03/fuduntu-149 ... y-for.html

What's interesting, is what Fuduntu is. A hybrid:
Fuduntu is a light hearted and fun Linux distribution that earns its name by its design to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu. It is a Fedora remix optimized for Netbook and other portable computers.

Some of the tweaks found in Fuduntu:
Linux Kernel 2.6.37
CGroups shell tweak
Deadline IO scheduler
/tmp and /var/log moved to RAM disk
Swappiness reduced to 10
Jupiter for power savings
Gnome default desktop tweaks
Misc power and performance tweaks
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Re: Fuduntu 14.9 Release Candidate ready for testing

Postby viking60 » 05 Mar 2011, 22:04

Looks exciting. Gimme a review if you decide to test it.
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