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Liberté Linux

Postby dedanna1029 » 08 Feb 2011, 21:26

Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight, and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB Linux distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments. Liberté installs as a regular directory on a USB/SD key, and after a single-click setup, boots on any desktop computer or laptop. Available internet connection is then used to set up a Tor circuit which handles all network communication. During first boot, a unique email ID is generated from fingerprints of user's certificate and Tor hidden service key. This persistent ID allows one to stealthily communicate with other Liberté users. The distribution includes image and document processing applications, and can function as a secure web browsing platform.

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Kernel: Hardened Gentoo 2.6.36 with grsecurity/PaX + Unionfs 2.5.7 + fbcondecor console decoration
System requirements: x86 PentiumPro+, ~128 MiB RAM, ~200 MiB on bootable removable media (USB key, SD card, ...)
Laptop Mode Tools handle power management; hard disks are switched to quiet acoustic mode and spun down
Extensive Ethernet and Wi-Fi network devices support
Extensive autoconfiguration, including X server setup
NetworkManager manages Internet connectivity
Static and removable devices are available via udev + AutoFS
No user interaction is required during boot, except for OTFE password entry
User's important configuration changes are saved on OTFE virtual partition upon shutdown
Applications are pre-configured and ready to use
Fully modular X server, with TrueType-only fonts for all SCIM-supported languages (with custom ebuilds for Sinhala and Dhivehi)
LXDE- and GTK+-based desktop with lightweight applications: no GNOME/KDE
Multilingualization using SCIM: all input languages that are supported by m17n-lib, native support for CJK languages (pinyin, anthy, hangul), an input pad and a virtual keyboard
Application-level UI internationalization: all unicode locales are available; locale and timezone are easily switched with a custom tool
Basic: LXPanel, Openbox, PCManFM / Midnight Commander, Xarchiver, Sakura / LXTerminal
Editors/Viewers: gedit, AbiWord, Gnumeric, Evince (with DjVu support) / ePDFView, FBReader
Internet: Midori, Claws Mail (customized communication layer), XChat, Pidgin (with OTR support)
Audio/Video: Gnome MPlayer, Audacious, Geeqie / GPicView, GraphicsMagick, X-CD-Roast, MP4 and Speex clips encoding
Extras: GNU Privacy Assistant, Qalculate!
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