Who is selling Linux laptops?

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Who is selling Linux laptops?

Postby viking60 » 06 Oct 2014, 10:35

ImageLinux will run on pretty much every laptop. But If you install it yourself on a Windows lap you will be on your own.
The manufacturers will not care if you run into problems. Those who do sell it with Linux preinstalled will take good care of you though.

Here are some companies that do sell Linux laptops:

They deliver Ubuntu laps.

You can pick your distro and also buy without an OS! :B

If you know about others (and where they ship) it would be great if you provided a link here +1
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Re: Who is selling Linux laptops?

Postby Snorkasaurus » 06 Oct 2014, 21:41

Here's a location list I found... though I believe there are some dead links.

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