Windows/Linux coexistence

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Windows/Linux coexistence

Postby viking60 » 19 Sep 2012, 10:35

ImageMany people seem to think that they have to give up all their data if they switch from Windows to Linux. Well they don't; they will be able to access their data from both systems.
Office Documents can be read and edited in Libreoffice and then again in MS Office - or why not use Libreoffice in both systems?

It can often look like the two rivals Windows and Linux are completely incompatible because the rhetoric can be quite harsh.

Often I also hear, "I can't switch systems. I am too busy to start from scratch with all my files." Or, "I'm too busy to go back and forth between two sets of files, one on my Windows computer and the other in my new Linux set up."

But you do not have to suffer either of those inconveniences to migrate to Linux. You can eliminate keeping duplicate files in both operating systems or the need to choose one OS over the other.

The solution is to install the Linux OS as a dual boot on the existing computer and continue to store and access all of your data on the Windows side of the hard drive. This lets you learn Linux in stages as you wean yourself from Microsoft Windows.

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Re: Windows/Linux coexistence

Postby bannyjion » 18 Nov 2012, 15:27

Thanks for this very helpful advise. Just in case if you are having problems in duplicate files you can try this new windows apps " Duplicate Files Deleter"

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