Puppy as a rescue "CD" for Windows

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Puppy as a rescue "CD" for Windows

Postby viking60 » 29 Feb 2012, 13:21

Windows needs to be rescued or repaired from time to time. The problem often is that when Windows is running (mounted) it is limited what you can fix.
It is like a brain surgeon operating his own brains - at some point he will black out and need assistance.
So to fix a HD error you might need a rescue CD.
Now there are several options here, like BartPE, Puppy and Knoppix.
BartPE will probably have the most tools for Windows but be a little bit harder to create. Knoppix is good and has a lot of tools, but a bit heavy.
Puppy is blistering fast and very charming.
I will never have the patience to describe how to create a puppy CD with USB storage; luckily someone has it so take a look here.

This will explain every step of the way and get you up and running.

The only "fix" described here is ntfsfix that should be run on an unmounted windows disk like this:

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ntfsfix /dev/sda

It will make a superficial disk check and "trick" Windows into a more thorough disk check on reboot.

It also describes how to back up important files to your USB-disk.

In addition to this you can check and remove viruses from Windows with your Puppy. It is a common misunderstanding that you can do this from your Windows AntiVirus software - you can't !
Those are mainly made to prevent infection. Once you are infected you will not be able to remove the virus with a running Windows.
And even if your AV-software is able to quarantine the virus it might give you so many popup warnings that it is as bad as the virus itself.

Puppy can fix it from the "outside"
So even if you are on Windows and never plan to install Linux - Linux comes in handy!
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