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Reasons for using Windows -MS training

Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 12:04
by viking60
First of all a piece of completely neutral info about what you are going to learn:

Moving on:

Some elaboration on this: ... dy-hacked/

As you can see the IE8 Was safe for several hours after its release. +1

Also Microsoft is truly interested in getting the facts straight - Here another piece of neutral information:

The most important message being that it can be unclear if software updates need to be installed immediately or are optional in Linux.
Really Linux what were you thinking? Here an example on how this is done in a clear and transparent way: ... a11ed1fd8a

Since we are into straight facts let us go on with this obvious piece of information:

Well everybody knows this to be true; Windows is the safest OS :liar: Repeat this 6 Million times and you will eventually believe it.
You may need to disregard the pic above about numerous Linux upgrades on this particular point - but you can do it +1

Going on with straight facts:

As you can see there are no step by step instructions on how to use Linux as there are in using Windows:

We have checked it out and that is almost true :liar:

So if you pass this completely neutral test you will have gained some unique insight and if it is to difficult there are tutor arrangement's to help you out:

And here yet another and final example of what Linux can't fix:

If all goes well you and your Tutor have reason to be happy:

Re: Reasons for using Windows -MS training

Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 14:54
by rolf
That is disturbing, made entertaining and informative, in the end.
:B I appreciate all your work on these topics. :s

Re: Reasons for using Windows -MS training

Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 01:08
by viking60
Thanks I think it is rather informative too. :oops:
I did not know that this was a training that MS offers - but it is. I do respect facts, and I accept to learn from everyone.
But I have never liked the trashing of competitors, cause it mostly is bad and un-serious business.
Making it look like a training that in the end will qualify you for something is propaganda. And it is rather disrespectful towards their customers to think that they will be happy with a few casually thrown peanuts - like monkeys :mrgreen:
The biggest and most mission critical computers in the world run on Linux - and Microsoft knows it! .
I found a comparison of Windows7 and Zorin Linux + some other comparison that is somewhat more informative:

Re: Reasons for using Windows -MS training

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 14:31
by viking60
I came over yet another overhead from this MS Linux course today.

To be fair this is probably rather old - but entertaining as always:
The Gaming seems to be moving from Windows to Linux so it is not true anymore:
It is supposed that Blizzard already have a working in-house version of World Of Warcraft for Linux. However, World of Warcraft is not the only candidate for a Linux release.

Windows Live essentials do not run on Linux - oh well that is both shocking and surprising :shock: But wait: They will run in a Virtualbox right? And also if you install wine?

"Authorized support" is not supported under Linux :bsflag If you take some of these courses you are pretty "authorized" - but not by Microsoft, that must be what they meant. Rumor has it that you get better paid with those other Authorizations too. :confused

Another rumor has it that your drivers license is not authorized by Microsoft either :shock: