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Fastest VPN for My Linux

Posted: 29 Nov 2018, 12:24
by shellaterrace
I have to use a VPN to hide my real IP address. I need the best and the fastest service to use it on Linux. Money is not a problem but I need service with fastest speeds. I viewed top 15 services as follows:
I need to make the final decision.

These are the top 15 providers:
2 NordVPN
3 ExpressVPN
4 IPVanish
5 Astrill
6 ProtonVPN
8 Ivacy
9 Trust Zone
10 CyberGhost
12 Zenmate
13 VyprVPN
14 SaferVPN
15 Windscribe

Please suggest me the fastest especially for Linux.

Re: Fastest VPN for My Linux

Posted: 09 Dec 2018, 01:25
by viking60
VPN is about privacy so you need non US VPN's.

The Cisa act allows any VPN company to violate their own privacy terms and any other terms they might have as long as the data are given to Homeland security that will share them with other agencies.

So the Policies of US tech companies do not matter!


The Patriot act allows your data to be gathered. Officially it is in the name of national security but it seems that Digital rights and a lot of other issues fall into the "National security" category these days.

In any case VPN is not a guarantee for privacy these days; with the Intel CPU flaw there is no way anything you do on any computer is private or safe anymore.

Re: Fastest VPN for My Linux

Posted: 22 Feb 2019, 16:45
by shellaterrace
This guide may be helpful for you for choosing the best and the fastest vpn for any operating system.

Let me know if it helped you really and which service you chose. Also please inform us with your experience.