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Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 06 Jun 2016, 23:33
by viking60
I did set up my internet connection with VPN to ensure private browsing and avoiding retention of my data.
Then I heard that Opera comes with free VPN and thought there must be some extensions for Chromium too.

And true enough there are three:

Hotspot Shield



I'll check them out and let you know....and...why don't you help me - it is a noble cause.

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 06 Jun 2016, 23:45
by viking60
Hotspot shield.

I started it and could activate it per site or for all sites.

I activated it for all sites and went to and I had a different IP :S BUT! It did override my dnscrypt and replaced all my nameservers with Google in Holland.
That is a big no no :naughty: So I removed the extension.



I installed the extension and went to There I was greeted as an American so that is good.

I ran the check and my ip and location was different but my DNScrypt server stayed :s
So here I have VPN and encrypted DNS traffic.

This thing is on or off very simple to use and no speed reduction. I'll keep it for a while to check further.

These services all make a great point out off accessing sites that your ISP blocks - but that is blocked via DNS so Dnscrypt had already taken care of that part for me - and it is not why I want VPN.

I want to spoil the retention the ISP does and the usual crooks- because privacy is a human right.

And Betternet might be doing just that.
I have installed the extension - Betternet can also be installed as an App but I don't know the difference.

So far this thing is looking good!

One thing is slightly bothering me though; this thing always gives me an American IP.

I installed the extension and simply turned it on.
checked it out and it respects my DNScrypt and hides my identity and location.

It is hard to tell the difference from Betternet but it does not have Betternets "Totally free forever" guarantee.

Unlike Betternet; Gom keeps my given IP even after I have turned it off - that is not exactly what I expect when I turn VPN off.
And so far Gom also insist of making an American out of me...

When I try to turn Gom on again it starts to nag me about signing in to get uninterrupted access -and stuff like that makes me loose interest very I will remove it now.

As you now undoubtedly are sitting on the edge of you chairs waiting eagerly for my conclusion - this is it:
Betternett wins and lives up to its name - it is better. I am pretty sure that a setup with openvpn and cryptstorm is way more secure so I'll keep that but this extension represents a step in the right direction.

Using them is way better than not using them - if you like to close your toilet door - Betternet will do that for you and you do not have to register.

..And maybe there are better solutions in Firefox....

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 12:00
by viking60
I noticed something odd with Betternet:

When I surfed to two Norwegian newspapers and they blocked me - I got an error message to check my proxy etc.

Once I turned it off I was back.

Even The New York Times and Washington Post worked just fine so bad marks for VG and Aftenposten there. I also noticed that they could not block me with a real VPN that was configured with OpenVPN in my Networkmanager.

The hidemyass extension works too but that is not a real VPN.

So those browser extensions are not as good as the real thing

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 13:24
by R_Head
I went straight to the VGTV and saw the naked crowd for the photo shoot... :lol: Anyway... I can go to both from the US without any issues. Must be the American IP Address given. When you said American, is as USA or somewhere in the continent?

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 13:49
by viking60
I get an US IP.
I have managed VG too now so this is not consistent. aftenposten remains gone though. Or can you se :?:

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 09 Jun 2016, 10:58
by viking60
After some times use I noticed that Betternet just stopped working!

It indicates that it is turned on and you think you are safe and a visit to and shows that I have no VPN tunnel.


If the services get interrupted like this then there is not much safety in it. :C
Removing the extension and re-installing it brought the service back.
And when it works it does not leak your IP - but it you have the WebRTC Network limiter addon installed in Chromium; remember to set it to use "proxy if present"

If you want safety all the time then do this

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 09 Jun 2016, 12:00
by R_Head
Is cat and mouse game :mrgreen:

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 09 Jun 2016, 12:15
by viking60
Yeah a service that simulates security is not good.

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 12:05
by viking60
Having used Betternet for some days now; it seems to behave - and it has been consistent. Maybe it just was the odd incident.

It looks like I have to apologize to while does block vpn access via Betternet plugin. is not able to block my real VPN configured with Openvpn and networkmanager - where I use cryptstorm. So browser Vpn's are apparently more easily blocked than regular Vpn setups.

Edit: they must be reading this :-D because now aftenposten is not blocking anymore either. Maybe there are some components that may make the sites malfunction from time to time. :confused

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 29 Oct 2016, 15:56
by viking60
I have removed Betternet because they spy on you and sell information... and replaced it with Windscribe that have a good policy.

Windscribe does not respect you dnscrypt settings so I guess the Dns requests are still open and in plain text which makes you traceable anyway.

It probably is the best free browser plugin VPN though!

My free network vpn from cryptstorm respects ny dnscrypt and appears to be my most secure option.

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 10 May 2017, 11:16
by mariad
I do not believe in a free VPN. And I am not saying they don't work. Maybe it is just the perception developed by companies to attract freebies. Although I am using PureVPN for last one year and now it is offering Black Friday massive discount of 89%. which is near to free.

I hope this will help you :greetings

Re: Best free VPN for your Browser

Posted: 17 Sep 2018, 07:46
by jimmiewilliams
There are many free vpns which are best for browsers like tunnelbear, zenmate etc but paid vpns are recommended to use as they are secure and helps to browse anonymously. Purevpn and nordvpn are the best-paid vpn which is best to use so try these vpns. For your satisfaction, you can read purevpn vs nordvpn comparison blog.