A real eye-opener (Facebook)

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A real eye-opener (Facebook)

Postby dedanna1029 » 07 Jul 2013, 21:23

I believe that the social media garbage out there qualifies as a "network", so it's being placed here.

If you're on Facebook, get set for a real eye-opener, and surprises that not even we at bjoernvold were aware of here. Get aware.
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Re: A real eye-opener (Facebook)

Postby viking60 » 07 Jul 2013, 22:34

Good find!
People are being abused. And on top of it all information about you is collected and structured - even if you have removed your account.
Some "friend" that wants to contact you is enough:

I once started the registration procedure and broke it off because I did not accept the terms.

After that Facebook spammed me with friends that wanted to contact me etc... And I had no functioning account.

I complained about it and demanded that all data about me should be deleted.

Facebook had a routine for that - I only had to register first.... :f

Yeah right - register on a site that has unacceptable terms - Why did they think I broke it off?

I expressed my views to the Norwegian data authorities (Datatilsynet) who have a sensible view on this - and thus are constantly ignored by the government.

And they advised me to complain to Facebook Ireland - and they were not certain what laws would regulate this - The Irish law or the Norwegian.

That is the vacuum in which these companies operate - and they seem to be exploiting it .

In any case my complaints had gotten some attention so I got a mail that my data would be deleted without me providing any more personal data.

I am fairly sure that according to Irish and EU legislation the Irish company Facebook is not allowed to share the Facebook data with third anonymous parties.
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Re: A real eye-opener (Facebook)

Postby R_Head » 08 Jul 2013, 18:17

I saw that since the day was launched.

That is why I did not drinked the Kool-Aid.

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