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Microsoft will put all security functions in one place!

Posted: 26 Jan 2017, 13:12
by viking60
ImageThe new WIndows 10 update will put all safety functions in one place.

The Windows Defender Security Center will be all security in one place and make it easier to navigate.

With comprehensive, built-in security features, Windows 10 provides protection from viruses and malware threats including ransomware, safer authentication with Windows Hello using your smile or fingerprint to login and ongoing security updates delivered monthly through Windows Update, to name a few

The Key-Word is better control. For you; even if you are no expert....and for Microsoft?

It is unknown if there are plans to make an info&control center containing everything that is sent from your computer to Microsoft servers.

That center should also contain explicit info about what information Microsoft can access on your computer.

You know; when the NSA/FBI/Police call for it....

Microsoft could call it the Human rights privacy center.

Microsoft does not want the bad guys to harm you:
Our goal with the new Windows Defender Security Center is to help you become more informed and make safety simple. It is equally important to us that you are protected by default and continuously protected – never giving the bad guys an opportunity to harm you.

What about the good guys? How are their opportunities to harm you - and how sure can we be that they really are good?

Can the good guys violate the Human right of privacy? Is that OK?

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Re: Microsoft will put all security functions in one place!

Posted: 26 Jan 2017, 23:38
by R_Head
All the eggs in one pretty basket.

F U MS...! :f