Forceful update to Win10- woman wins lawsuit

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Forceful update to Win10- woman wins lawsuit

Postby viking60 » 28 Jun 2016, 12:27

Teryi Goldstein uses her computer to run her business. Some time ago it suddenly updated to Windows 10 - which she never had heard of - and slowed down her computer so much that it was unusable.

The update failed and broke her system so she took the case to Microsoft and asked them to fix it. Microsoft customer support could not fix it though so she took the case to court.

Here Terry was awarded $10000 to compensate for her lost wages and a new computer - so she won with flying colors.

Microsoft denies any wrongdoing, and says they only halted their appeal to avoid the cost of further everybody says when they loose in a court of law.

Basically that means that Microsoft was doing something wrong.

Teri states:
Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update
and Microsoft may be able to point to some "accept this or die text" on the computer. It seems that this kind of "agreement" is not enough.

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