Office 2016 Preview

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Office 2016 Preview

Postby viking60 » 07 May 2015, 18:02

Microsoft has launched a preview of Office 2016 for everyone to test.
The new and fantastic thing is the possibility of working together on a word document in real-time. This has been possible before in the "cloud" but not directly on your desktop.
Collaboration—Real-time co-authoring is available in the Office Online apps today and we’re bringing that experience to the Windows Desktop applications, starting with Word. When you and your team are working in Word 2016 and/or Office online, you’ll be able to see where other editors are working and what they are writing—all in real-time.

Other features are the smart apps and the Outlook "machine learning" that can sort your e-mails by importance. Outlook will know what you think is important based on your behaviour pattern with prior e-mails....
Smart Applications—Applications will learn as you work, taking advantage of subtle cues and clues to help you stay on task and get more out of Office. Tell Me, a new search tool available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, serves up the commands you need by simply typing what you want to do. Clutter—a new Exchange feature that lights up in Outlook—uses machine learning to analyze your email patterns and de-clutter your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder. And Insights, powered by Bing, finds you contextual information from the web within the reading experience.

...and so will Microsoft...and the NSA...and the CIA...and the FBI.

Tell me - will tell everyone.

I am pretty sure that this Office version will be better than before and that these enhancements will make your work easier. And I am equally sure that you will be sharing your work with more people than ever before... :wall:

More here
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