Nasty encryption virus!

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Nasty encryption virus!

Postby viking60 » 12 Apr 2012, 23:05

There has been an increase in infections with viruses that encrypt all your files on a Windows PC - to get them back you will have to pay 100 Dollars or something.
For that you will receive a key that will unlock your files;
Basically; if you are infected with this you are FUBARED!
It is spread via links on sites and social media. Do not click on links from remote friends!
The message is something like this:
«"Attention! All your files are encrypted!
You are using unlicensed programms! To restore your files and access them, send code Ukash or Paysafecard nominal value of EUR 50 to the e-mail XXX. During the day you receive the answer with the code.

You have 5 attempts to enter the code. If you exceed this
of all data irretrievably spoiled. Be careful when you enter the code!»

If you use Windows, backup just gained some importance!

The attack is mainly made through old Java versions and makes your box part of a botnet. The attacker can then control thousands of PC's.
An updated PC would probably be sufficient to avoid the virus.
AV software is false security; some Trojans are only detected by 4 out of 42 AV programs.
In this case you might remove the Virus with Anti Virus solutions but your files will still be encrypted - so fubar is the word if you do not have a backup.
This virus is not the pizza faced Russian script kidie type - it looks more like organized crime. And there is a purpose behind it other than destroying for "fun": Money!
Be alert, be paranoid, and do not press links in e-mails or on webpages that you do not trust. Always surf with an updated Windows.Always use updated AV and firewalls and back up your files every day.
Then you might avoid the virus.

Or you could just install Linux and click any link you like.....
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