Microsoft is taking over Linux.

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Microsoft is taking over Linux.

Postby dedanna1029 » 19 Jul 2021, 21:05

Using Linux open source code for their closed source OSes, taking over github, among other open source projects, taking over hardware with Windows, and now...
I think I'd trust this as long as it would take me to break the built disk. ... l-mariner/
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Re: Microsoft is taking over Linux.

Postby R_Head » 20 Jul 2021, 23:47

Embrace is the 1st step which they already did. Step 2, Extend and they are already there... Step 3, Extinguish which is getting close.

For all those naive idiots that thought it was a good idea, think again and hard. To put it in real world terms... Mass Forced Migration. See what happens to the host..., same concept with an Operating System.

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