Adobe will maintain flash for Linux again

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Adobe will maintain flash for Linux again

Postby viking60 » 20 Dec 2016, 01:06

Adobe has been ignoring Linux for years and simply dif not continue the flashplayer for Linux. They even recommended people to use Chrome and Google's flash plugin for Linux.
Adobe stated back then that the Linux version of Flash Player would not support some features, GPU 3D acceleration and support for premium video DRM for instance. The company recommended the Chrome web browser and its integrated version of Linux for that as it does not have that limitations.

Linux Flash has been available in beta versions making it possible to watch most flash content on the net but the serious versions were developed for Mac and Windows.

Not so anymore; the Flash player 24 Final version is now provided on the Adobe website

Some good news there!
Seems to be fashionable to love Linux these days - or maybe Linux has become so important that it is impossible to ignore?
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Re: Adobe will maintain flash for Linux again

Postby R_Head » 20 Dec 2016, 03:04

In deed good news :)

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