Really want to learn some Linux? New Arch.iso is out

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Really want to learn some Linux? New Arch.iso is out

Postby viking60 » 02 Dec 2016, 16:30

Arch has released the December spin of Arch Linux. It is for new Archers and those who want to reinstall.
Arch is a rolling release so all others can simply update.

But the spin is out and you will need a dongle or CD and the Arch beginners guide in front of you. From there you can attempt the install. :tux5:

If Arch is for you?

Nope it is not ! :-D Not if you have to ask...

You see Arch has this recruiting strategy; They tell everybody that Arch is not for them to ensure that they only recruit the stubborn people in denial.
Preferably without social skills which is a good thing these days given what the social media do to your privacy.

...or people like me who get to feel special and sophisticated by telling people that Arch is not for them. :mrgreen:
If the strategy works? Oh yes! it is like Adam in paradise; he could have everything but that it is the oldest marketing strategy in the book.

If Arch is for me? Oh yes and even if it is bleeding edge it is remarkably stable and works where even Manjaro has bugs...

More here
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