IBM Linux One and the app economy

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IBM Linux One and the app economy

Postby viking60 » 03 May 2016, 10:28

ImageOpen source has become fashionable and the realisation that closed source leaves you in the pocket of the software providers (and the ones controlling them) has made it an important security factor.

Mobile technology has become common all over the world and the enterprise world needs to adapt it ("Engaging customers anywhere, anytime"). The mobile world is Linux driven or at least Linux dominated.

IBM is all about the Enterprise world and they have launched a server series based on Linux; they call it LinuxONE.
The entry level is the Rockhopper that can scale to 8000 virtual servers.
It has IBMs own z-processor and is blistering fast according to IBM.
Announcing the all-new IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper™ server.
Unprecedented performance, security and resiliency.
Scale up and out with up to one million Docker containers per system.
Manage more transactions more quickly with 34 percent greater capacity.
Gain faster response times with massive high-performance I/O throughput.
Speed insights with large memory configurations that are optimized for Linux.
Deliver data and services on the world’s most secure Linux platform.

If your needs are bigger, then IBM can offer you need the Emperor.

IBM cannot be too euphoric about cloud solutions because it will sell less servers, but they cannot be opposed to it either so they go for the security of inhouse solutions.

From a security and "anti industrial espionage" point of view this makes absolute sense.

The LinuxOne systems are designed for 100% uptime - all the time. The Linux versions available are Suse, Redhat and Canonical's Ubuntu.

This makes sense since the systems need to be backed and serviced by companies that can guarantee the promised qualities. IBM has always been a serious quality Enterprise partner so them going for Linux is a quality sign in itself.
(Many have had the pleasure of working with S36 to OS/AS 400 AIX that are/were big in the enterprise world).

IBM has control over its hardware and they do not shop pre-manufactured components; this makes the system more reliable. IBM is perfectly able to manufacture OS's for their systems - and other systems (OS2 anyone?) - so the Linux integration with their hardware is probably optimal.

I say "probably" because I signed up for testing LinuxONE in the cloud.

I filled out the form and waited for a needed code to be sent to my phone - and it never arrived.
(Maybe the server could not handle my remote location?)
So all of this is "according to IBM".

IBM did not manage to engage me "anywhere - anytime" :confused

A slight scratch in the paint job there IBM....
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