Manjaro .0.8.5 is released.

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Manjaro .0.8.5 is released.

Postby viking60 » 13 Apr 2013, 20:59

The Arch based Manjaro is released in version 0.8.5 and since it is a rolling release it is only a matter of enjoying the new features for those who have installed it.
For those who have not; Manjaro now comes with a graphical installer (forked from Linux Mint) that should make the installation even easier:

    Graphical installer introduced
    Manjaro Settings Manager introduced
    LXDM/Slim as display manager
    Linux 3.8.5 as our kernel
    SystemD 198
    Xorg 1.14.0
    Proprietary driver support for AMD and Nvidia graphic cards
    Additional multimedia support, applications, and access to the AUR have been pre-installed

The settings manager is nothing like Mandrivas MCC but it is possible to set up Manjaro without fiddling :boohoo: in the CLI to much. I do not think it comes pre-installed so you may have to install it via the package manager - just search for "settings manager".

This is an interesting project that keeps getting better....
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