PC Gamer:Sid Meier's Civilization V now available for Linux

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PC Gamer:Sid Meier's Civilization V now available for Linux

Postby Panther96 » 17 Jun 2014, 05:22

ANDY CHALK FROM PCGAMER- E3 is in full swing and that means an overload of press events, trailers, interviews and hands-on time with the latest and greatest of upcoming videogames. But I'd like to take a break from all that sound and fury for a moment, if I may, to let you all know that the strategy classic Sid Meier's Civilization V is now available for Linux and SteamOS. (Oh, and it's on sale, too.)

Civilization V has been around for a few years now but this still qualifies as pretty big news for SteamOS and Linux gamers. Developer Aspyr Media said today's release "targets SteamOS on current gen hardware," and it's also looking toward supporting Ubuntu 14.04 and additional video cards in future updates.

To that end, Aspyr is asking for feedback about what works, and what doesn't, in the Steam forums or via its own support channel. Some users are saying that the DLC isn't currently appearing in their Civilization V: Complete Edition packages, but the general consensus seems to be that it's a solid port that runs very well.

And as it occasionally does, Steam is marking the moment with a sale, offering Civ V and its various DLC releases, as well as Civilization IV and III bundles, for up to 75 percent off. The sale ends in a little over 19 hours at the time writing, however, which puts it around 1 pm EDT. Best not to dawdle.

http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/06/10/sid-m ... fee=0#null

I don't know how at all I missed this last week! Must be living under a rock because this is my favorite game series of all time. Going to download overnight and see how it goes. Its funny how I only bought Europa Universalis IV when it was on sale a few months ago to ¨support linux and get over my Civ relapses¨ (and then some with the expansion packs ;) ) though honestly EUIV has been growing on me so it'll be interesting (for me) to see where my allegience will fall. 2014 is definitely year of the penguin!

All we need now is some love from EA :mrgreen:

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Re: PC Gamer:Sid Meier's Civilization V now available for Li

Postby viking60 » 17 Jun 2014, 09:18

I do remember that Sid Meier's Civ was very good and highly addictive, so this is good news.
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Re: PC Gamer:Sid Meier's Civilization V now available for Li

Postby R_Head » 17 Jun 2014, 11:45

That is great news. Good way to introduce Linux to the masses, specially younger generations.

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