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chess ?

Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 21:00
by jemadux
I dont think that you play chess , but as board game i like it ..

if you want a simply datebase for game I insist scidvspc

on archlinux is simple things yaourt -S scid_vs_pc

if you want to play on free interner chess server or fics

the program that you may use is eboard
on archlinux is yaourt -S eboard
but if you want some extras eboard-extra ( for themes and sounds)

or you can play online on or chesscube i prefer fics btw

Re: chess ?

Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 21:38
by viking60
Thanks for the tip :s
I have played chess since I was 7. I am not a chess player - I am just playing it.
Installed it and testing it now:

In general there is some chess interest here since we have this nerdy kid - Magnus Carlsen in the neighborhood....

You might want to install octopi from AUR that is a nice pacman GUI (perfect for searching for software in both AUR and in the repos). Octopi keeps you notified when your AUR's have updates.

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yaourt octopi

scid vs pc works just fine :s I had to install gnuchess to get the eboard working. It does not say that it lacks it and has gnuchess in the engine list - but it was not installed!
After installing it - I could pick the gnuchess engine and use eboard :B

Re: chess ?

Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 23:32
by jemadux
ok ... it will fine sometime to play some games ...
i used manjaro for sometime and i am using octopi-git on my system ...

also an engine to scidvspc an engine is stockifsh-git ( it's stronger than stockfish )