Windows 8.1 in gaming trouble

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Windows 8.1 in gaming trouble

Postby viking60 » 04 Nov 2013, 21:28

Microsoft has problems with the mouse when gaming on Windows 8.1. It gives a "mouse lag" that makes the gaming a bad experience.
This has been confirmed in the Microsoft forums.
hi all ive noticed that in some games in win 8.1 there is serious mouse lag . this makes some games almost unplayable now. this is a serious issue especially since many gamers upgraded for the benefits ingames but now cant play do to the mouse lag issues.

for me its in call of duty 4 aka modern warfare 1. there are numerous articles now about this issue and with certain games .

According to the forum moderator Microsoft is working on it
The forum moderator also sugests som workaround in the link above.
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