Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

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Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby dedanna1029 » 31 Aug 2019, 18:19

1.0 is out, and it's become huge...

You can download the game for free from the SuperTuxkart website. It’s available for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. The screenshots below were taken on my Google Pixel 2 smartphone. ... pport.html
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Re: Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby viking60 » 22 Sep 2019, 09:55

Some years since I played with it but it was fun!
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Re: Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby janesbenth1 » 30 Mar 2023, 09:34

Thank you a great deal. Your post provided me with an abundance of knowledge, helping me to expand my horizons.

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Re: Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby Ahmetun » 21 Jan 2024, 22:25

Wow, SuperTuxKart! This is the game I used to play on my old Dvoechka! I remember spending hours racing there with my friends, trying to beat each other's records. There is an interesting website here. 1.0 has been out for a while now, I'll have to check it out to see what's new. Thanks for the reminder!

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Re: Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby Jonodes » 28 Feb 2024, 03:57

I'm playing it on Modilimitado, Download it right here

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Re: Anyone play SuperTuxKart?

Postby johnsmrit » 11 Apr 2024, 08:19

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