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really good with games

Postby cezzlen » 14 Apr 2014, 10:56

I have a question about the Iphone games? I am trying to decide if I should ask for an iphone for Christmas. I am not sure if it would be good for me though because I am not really good with games. Could you give me a list of app's from itunes that are easy, and girl like. I am gonna be 15. Thanks in advance.
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Re: really good with games

Postby viking60 » 14 Apr 2014, 14:09

15 and already a spamer shame on you :T
Tell your parents to give you a good spanking and no ice cream for a year :naughty:
And definitely no iPhone for Christmas :hand:
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Re: really good with games

Postby Snorkasaurus » 25 Apr 2014, 10:19

LAWL! Does anybody really consider iPhone to be a gaming platform?

PS: He should be asking the NSA, they have much more iPhone experience. :-)


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Re: really good with games

Postby dedanna1029 » 22 Dec 2022, 16:41

Fat lot of good that did. Another one came along and spammed it some more anyway, above me here. This is why I do not agree with leaving a spam post visible - it should be deleted. It's spam, for chrissakes. Get rid of it completely.
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