How Can We Calculate Our APM?

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How Can We Calculate Our APM?

Postby andrew32 » 08 Sep 2022, 07:00

It is very easy to measure your action per minute rate. It is the total number of actions you performed within one minute. If you want to calculate it within one minute, you could get your APM immediately. Your APM is 100 if you complete 100 actions in one minute. You can divide the number of events by the total minute when the period is longer. The average number of tasks you complete in a minute will be displayed to you. Calculations made in real-time are called real-time calculations. Another calculation is called game time calculation. In this calculation, the game speed is taken into account. It is 1.38 times faster than the speed limit in this measurement. There is a difference of one minute and 24 seconds between real-time and game time

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