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The state of the Linux kernel

Posted: 19 Feb 2013, 10:41
by viking60
The Linux kernel is heavily developed and there is no lack of contributors. Linux has a flexibility that works on everything from watches to supercomputers as the Google guy states.
This flexibility is bot the curse and blessing of the Linux kernel. Curse because of possible lack of concentration (or concentration on other things than desktop) and strength because it is almost always is the OS to turn to if you want to develop something new - like Android etc.
And the top dogs seem to prefer e-mail over social media :-D

Re: The state of the Linux kernel

Posted: 19 Feb 2013, 17:01
by rolf
That was interesting. A few insights from a humorous panel inform my perspective of kernel development/developers. :s

Re: The state of the Linux kernel

Posted: 20 Feb 2013, 12:21
by viking60
ImageYes - and the seem confident that they are working with the superior technology.
It is rather confident when you tell the world that you really do not need the help to improve the kernel - get involved in the various software projects instead.

Shows that Linus Torvalds is aware of the danger of studying (and falling in love with) your own belly button. Move on an "improve the available software" is a good signal to further improve projects like Gimp etc. and good for us mortals who simply want the best user experience.

Linux is truly a dynamic "system" where good projects survive and bad ones are brutally dying. It keeps the "system" truly superior and better than any management decision.
No huge budget to tell the world that the software is the best (when it is not) - simply a software that is so good that people want to use it.

No "white teeth" no "lifestyle" no "eat shit - billions of flies can't be wrong" - simply good software that gets the work done.

I am completely Windows free, and have been so for quite some time, and I do not miss a thing (I do have a windows XP installation in VB though - for the rare occasions).

All Linux needs is a manufacturer that delivers it on the computer that you buy, to make it accessible to the masses. And that is not going to happen as long as Microsoft has money left...
Well if you are in the Caviar business and someone wants to put Russian Caviar in the shelf of your local supermarket - cheaper than your plain Caviar - what would you do?

That is how good (and scary) Linux is +1
Image ... pc-mac.png

Re: The state of the Linux kernel

Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 13:42
by dedanna1029
I haven't had a Windows installation but twice since I started with Linux. One was out of necessity - I couldn't get Linux downloaded to install. The other time, was a dual-boot situation years ago.

No plans to install Windows for anything in both the near and far future; it's simply shite.

HOWEVER... If Linux keeps producing desktops I don't like, I will be going another alternative OS, and it won't be Windows or Linux either one.