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Best software of the decade?!

Postby viking60 » 01 Apr 2020, 12:40

I have recommended a lot of good stuff here and it always is hard to tell which is the "best".
I have been looking for a seamless network that lets me control computers anywhere in a secure network fashion.

Not those remote control apps like Teamviewer etc. I need to access computers like they are hooked together here at my home.

Great software like Salt depend on a network as does SSH.

It is not all that seemless to set those networks up and make the computers work together. For some reason you always need to fix something on location which of course is in another country or at least far far away... :wall:

The ssh daemon (sshd) might not be running or a thousand other reasons.

It is all solvable but not.... seamless.

So I need that magic solution that makes this a breeze and I Found it!

Enter Zerotier

Zerotier allows you to register and let you manage all your computers in a web page..and it is pretty secure +1

Given my healthy lack of trust in any government (that all prove me right over and over again) i use Zerotier which is end to end encrypted in itself with SSH so on top of the encryption I use the encrypted SSH that should be pretty safe.

I just updated a computer in Germany for a computer user that has no idea of updating or OS or whatever (she hardly knows that she is using Linux).

1. So after you have registered on you need to install the zerotier-one app that probably is in your repos (in Manjaro it is in the community

2. Start the daemon

Code: Select all

sudo systemctl start zerotier-one.service
and enable it

Code: Select all

sudo systemctl enable zerotier-one.service

3. Check you computer ID

Code: Select all

sudo zerotier-cli info

4 Join a network

Code: Select all

sudo zerotier-cli join network_id

?? but wait a minute what network?

Well if you are not given a network ID by someone that has a zerotier network ID then it is time to create one of your own +1
When you have registered on the page you can enter the flag and enter Networks... and there you will find your network ID.

That is the ID that you enter under 4 above.

After that your computer will pop up on that page and you can accept it in your network ..or not it is up to you :tux5:

I also have hooked up my Android phone on the network via the terminal app.

Example: if you need me to help you with something on your computer you simply install and start zerotier-one and I give you my network ID and I can log in on your computer and fix it (or not :oops: ).
Great free solution unless you are managing more than 100 computers :dance:

..And yes it just works :tux5:
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