4m linux 27.0

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4m linux 27.0

Postby gnuuser » 16 Dec 2018, 06:17

Downloaded 4mlinux 27.0 to try
while checking out its menu under games /old games i found you could get the original games of Doom, Duke3d, Frogger, and more.
Boy does that bring back memories :-D
you can also create mini servers with both tui and gui interface, It comes with wine and dosbox emulators and a lot of good stuff (too much to list at this time).
installation was more like copying the os to hard disk so it didn't take very long at all.
Its not a distro I would recommend to a new user but we wouldn't have too much trouble with it.
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Re: 4m linux 27.0

Postby viking60 » 17 Dec 2018, 23:29

looks good and JWM is very lightweight.
I was impressed by it.
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