Safe surfing on Android...

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Safe surfing on Android...

Postby viking60 » 31 Oct 2018, 12:51

Well Google has provided Android to the Cell phone market and it is the most used system in the world.
And Google is not particularly caring about your Privacy - even if the say so.

They collect all about you and sell it - that is their business and they are successful with it.

This is for the part they control, but uncontrolled leaks happen all the time so your "whois" data are in the wild. :C

Google have learned that these security breaches do not harm them much - Just wait for national Donut day and all will be forgotten.

The one that needs to take care of your privacy is you - not Google. They say they take your privacy seriously :liar: but they have a different definition of it than most.

So how to make your everyday phone activity more private and therefore more secure?
Simply install Tor Browser from the Android shop. This will tell you that you also will need to download and install Orbot which is a proxy VPN for Android used by Tor for Android :B

Turn VPN modus "on" in Orbot and that is it! You can also pick whatever country you want to "be from".

Start Tor-Browser and start surfing - it is fast and should be your daily browser +1 ,
To check that the proxy is actually working and that Google has not infected your phone with its own servers (it can happen since it is still Alpha!) : Just go to and check. :tux5:
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