NordVPN- Fastest VPN for Torrenting

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NordVPN- Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Postby mariad » 19 Sep 2018, 10:34

Hello everyone, I am not sure if any of you have gone through a recent VPN speed test. I was looking out for a VPN that is fast enough and does not bother me while downloading torrent files.
Did some research and found out that NordVPN according to the VPN speed test has been ranked as the No.1 in terms of speed.
Further on digging more into it I got some best VPN for Torrenting which also mentioned NordVPN to be the fastest and top of the rankings.
Discussed at a few more platforms and I was nearing the decision-making process on which one to get. Since I was too sick and tired of the buffered VPN which I previously used as it always disturbed my default internet settings after I have disconnected it and above all, it was not that fast as well for torrenting.

If anyone needs a VPN for torrenting I would highly recommend going out for NordVPN service. At $3.99/month I believe it is value for money.

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Re: NordVPN- Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Postby Lindaawilsoon » 01 Nov 2018, 11:37

NordVPN is so so.. but i recommend ExpressVPN for speedy VPN, because since 7 days i continuously work on these providers, let me share a list of some VPN Providers that helps you to select the best fastest vpn service..

ExpressVPN (55.73 Mbit/s)
NordVPN (63.52 Mbit/s)
Mullvad (68.24 Mbit/s)
VyprVPN (57.86 Mbit/s)
Buffered (57.68 Mbit/s)
CyberGhost (59.59 Mbit/s)
IPVanish (64.97 Mbit/s)
PureVPN (63.25 Mbit/s)
HideMyAss (60.12 Mbit/s)

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Re: NordVPN- Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Postby willieaames » 11 Dec 2018, 08:53

I got speed issues with nord, 10 mbps on my 25 mbps connection. its too slow. You can find more speed tests in best vpn for torrenting blog.

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