Microsoft office plugin for Chrome

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Microsoft office plugin for Chrome

Postby viking60 » 12 Dec 2017, 23:01

Chrome based browsers have this nice plugin where you can use MS Office Documents online and save and share in the sky.
:A ... b?hl=en-US

I thought it might be good to write X-mas cards with it so I installed the plugin.
Then I was asked to log in with my MS account - which I have since I bought a computer with Windows 10 (Go figure).

So I entered My Win ID and Password and got to this:

So I basically have to share the length of my Penis and everything about myself at all times,
Yeah right ! My fingers automatically hit the NO button.

So this might be nice - but not worth it.

One interesting point is that my Microsoft login worked just fine in the Cloud... but it does not work With my Windows 10 after the last update.

I will stick to quality now: Libreoffice and Linux +1
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