Decoding the NSA.

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Decoding the NSA.

Postby dedanna1029 » 05 Nov 2013, 21:45

Sadly, I've already shown here at the forum how the NSA has cracked Tor. However, I came across this which is only one way to get around their spying eyes. Seems simple, and there are many other ways I've come across that one can do it, which itself proves the point of how poor the NSA's ability to honesty hack into people's computers is. You see, it's like the supposedly affordable health care web site. As easy to turn right back on them, or hack their site, as it is to pass encryption right over the NSA's heads. It takes very good security to be secure, and they're just plain stupid about it.

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Re: Decoding the NSA.

Postby viking60 » 05 Nov 2013, 23:32

Yes it is not that they have cracked it all - more that they are forcing those who encrypt efficiently to give them the key.
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Re: Decoding the NSA.

Postby teny0 » 18 Dec 2022, 18:13

Yes, they have not fully cracked it; rather, they are compelling individuals who encrypt well to provide the key.

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Re: Decoding the NSA.

Postby Blackcrack » 19 Dec 2022, 07:44

hmm, yes, it's a bot who provide encrypted advertising and provide the Advertising Key ... Damn, i hate Skynet the AI becomes ever more intelligence !

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Re: Decoding the NSA.

Postby SAbadshah » 10 Jan 2023, 11:32

Yes, a bot is a source of the Advertising Key and the encrypted advertising. I despise Skynet's AI, which only gets smarter and smarter!

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Re: Decoding the NSA.

Postby Tenie7 » 21 Jan 2023, 14:46

Sadly, I've previously demonstrated how the NSA has broken Tor here on the forum. I did find this, though, and it's only one technique to avoid their snooping eyes. It seems straightforward, and there are other additional ways to accomplish it that I've seen, which serves as further evidence of how inadequate the NSA's ability to honestly hack into people's computers is.

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