New Roger Waters album no 1 in Norway

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New Roger Waters album no 1 in Norway

Postby viking60 » 28 Jun 2017, 15:39

Roger Waters the famous Pink Floyd singer has released a new Album "Is this the Life we really want?".
At the age of 73 he is more pissed off than ever and he knows how to put words and music to it - as Pink Floyd always has done.

He makes no compromises and his boycott of Israel has cost him sponsors (he compares Israel to Nazi Germany) .

So this angry 73 year old is protesting with his music and annoyed that the protest songs of the past have changed so little.

He is surprisingly good at it and it is clear that he means what he has to say/sing.

Not bad for a member of a group that was old in the late 70'ies and "out" according to Sex Pistols who had T-shirts with "I hate Pink Floyd".

The Sex Pistols are gone but Roger Waters and Pink Floyd are still very much around.

....Angrier than ever....and I like it even if Donald Trump surely will not:
Picture a shithouse with no f_ucking drains, picture a leader with no f_ucking brains

(I had to edit the quote due to our bad word filter :-D)

Regardless of the message; honest music does make an impression whether you agree or not :groovy

I have been to the concert "The Wall" with Roger Waters - the mother of all concerts +1 - and I just like what this guy is doing.

He is criticizes the system and cuts through the BS as Roger Waters and as a (former) member of Pink Floyd.
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Re: New Roger Waters album no 1 in Norway

Postby dedanna1029 » 25 Apr 2018, 16:34

He is good. I'll have to give that a listen.

P.S.: I am also not happy that protests seem to accomplish so little, not just in the past, but also the present.
I'd rather be a free person who fears terrorists, than be a "safe" person who fears the government.
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