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by zubiapeter
09 May 2019, 08:57
Forum: General News
Topic: Breached passwords!
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Re: Breached passwords!

Woah. Something I wish to never occur to me. I mostly use a Password Manager to keep my password secure along with Ivacy VPN to hide IP address online. Feel sorry for the ones who got unlucky.
by zubiapeter
10 Jan 2019, 15:50
Forum: General News
Topic: Russia to ban VPN proxies.
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Re: Russia to ban VPN proxies.

Well, first off all I don't think so there is any such news or anything like that. Because I still remember when my friend in russia asked me to recommend a VPN and I suggested him to Buy VPN from Ivacy, since it is the fastest, safest and highly encrypted VPN on this planet. LOL.
by zubiapeter
10 Jan 2019, 15:47
Forum: General News
Topic: New secure DNS provider
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Re: New secure DNS provider

I think that's a constructive step towards the security of domains.

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