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by mark9117
18 Oct 2011, 18:30
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Help us fire up a LUG
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Help us fire up a LUG

Greetings! Long time no see, huh? We in eastern New Mexico have made another stab at communitizing the community with community tools. To that end, we offer a humble website and forum. We would be deeply honored if some of you good folks would be kind enough to drop by and say, "Hi!" And m...
by mark9117
17 Jan 2011, 07:02
Forum: Networking
Topic: SSH - serving programs to thin clients
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Re: SSH - serving programs to thin clients

Just a quick suggestion here. If you like ssh and use it regularly, you might want to take a look at setting up passwordless ssh . There are a number of good tutorials out there. I just linked to the first one in my wiki. I use ssh on my home lan and accessing that lan from work (shhh! Don't let IT ...
by mark9117
17 Jan 2011, 06:47
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Happy birthday Mark9117!
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Re: Happy birthday Mark9117!

Thank you both. I intend to celebrate by going to bed early and sleeping late. It's amazing what one pines for when you hit my age. :)
by mark9117
14 Mar 2010, 23:57
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Hobbies you have (not computer ones)?
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Re: Hobbies you have (not computer ones)?

It's not really a "hobby" per say, but I enjoy eating. I might enjoy eating too much, but it has lead me to enjoy cooking. Most recently I've been baking bread. For example, here are some loaves of honey-wheat I baked last night.
by mark9117
14 Mar 2010, 22:08
Forum: The Mandriva family
Topic: Mandriva
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Re: Mandriva

It' good its easy to use and it is easy to install. Should be the most obvious alternative when coming from Windows, So why is it not? If you check the Ubuntu launchpad bug system, you will discover "Bug 1" -- New PC systems are routinely and almost invariably sold with Windows pre-instal...

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