Browsing Mandriva https: download directories (@ Viking60)

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Browsing Mandriva https: download directories (@ Viking60)

Postby rolf » 05 Nov 2010, 21:49

When looking over mandrivaforum, I came across the plight of a new PowerPack purchaser, with some helpful posts, including this one, by Fearless Leader

I've experimented, before, with logging in using the Seamonkey browser to navigate the restricted directory tree. Using a trial and error approach, with my PowerPack subscription account authentication credentials, I can see the 2010.1 directory for PP isos here:

where, obviously, I have obscured my credentials such that
  1. is my log in email address, with @ replaced by %40 followed by colon, : and
  2. password is password for my log in, don't you know :P

I don't know if this is helpful to Dan Åsen Hansen but think it is a fun tip and maybe someone could pass it along, in case it helps.

No pannekakers were harmed in the making of this post

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Re: Browsing Mandriva https: download directories (@ Viking6

Postby viking60 » 05 Nov 2010, 23:34

Testing it right now........
OMG That works!!! I think Dan Åsnes Hansen forgot do download the 32 bit version during his 10 day window and wanted to now what happens if he has to change his computer or move the OS. He should have bought the subscription. Anyway he did not get the full 10 days the Download version apparently should have. So he was in great need of help. And the company is not stepping up there.
I explained to him how he could turn/upgrade Free or One too a Powerpack (I'll repeat it here since it is in Norwegian):

1 Install mandriva-release-Powerpack and mandriva-theme-Powerpack

Hook up the repos:

Code: Select all

mdkapplet-add-media-helper --product=Powerpack 2010.1.1

This will give him what he has paid for but he still will be lacking the Powerpack iso, which is important to a freshman.

Still: This Tip is beautiful :!: He can now have his ISO - You are the Guru!!
I am very happy to see that you respect the Pannekakers feelings. Too many people seem to ignore them these days
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