The Death of Centos Linux?

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The Death of Centos Linux?

Postby jkerr82508 » 09 Dec 2020, 11:45

Of interest to anyone using Centos Linux: ... 48208.html


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Re: The Death of Centos Linux?

Postby Blackcrack » 10 Dec 2020, 06:41

nope.. i guess CentOS want be never goes die, it change in a other way ..
so a "evergreen release" direction in short *s* so, "rolling release"
and takes time in time Releasenumbers and set therewith steps where have to go..
it pretty much standardizes and makes the path easier... so is the path/way the target ..and take up the direction .. by rolling.. or so..

German Article: ... os-stream/ ... 84719.html ... 52703.html

English Article: ... For-Stream

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Re: The Death of Centos Linux?

Postby dedanna1029 » 12 Dec 2020, 05:30

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