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Open Source only!

Postby dedanna1029 » 08 Jun 2012, 18:45

I know we all like our closed source software, but this day and age, where distributions are giving Microsoft a free pass by either working with them or working around them, it's more important than ever to take a check on the list of software that does not respect the Free System Distribution guidelines, and stick with Open Source software (and hardware!) solely, and ward off the monopolizing Microsoft software with a fierceness never seen before. Just because you like your proprietary stuff so you can be like M$, doesn't mean you should install crapware.
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Re: Open Source only!

Postby viking60 » 08 Jun 2012, 19:09

I can understand that people want the best software out there, nothing wrong with that.
The problem is that often the best software is Open Source and held down artificially by law suits and FUD like cross licencing.
Remember Cross licensing came about because Microsoft would be generous enough not to attack Suse's customers. The reason given for wanting to attack them was that MS claimed that Linux contained their propriate software.

They have to this day never been able to point at one single line of code that is Microsoft code.
And they do not need to as long as the threat works.
The Godfathers do sit in Redmond.

The Windows customers have a lot to thank Linux for - without it they would already pay double and triple prices for Microsoft products. From a pure business point of view, and in consumer interests; it is important that the authorities see to that MS's attempts to achieve monopoly are shattered.
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