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video game addiction

Postby aleesha » 25 Feb 2014, 07:46

How are video games helpful? I am doing a project on video game addiction. I have come to see that there can be some beneficial parts of video games. Those of you who play video games, are there any good things you can get out of video games?

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Re: video game addiction

Postby viking60 » 25 Feb 2014, 13:54

Your project on game addiction is called spamming. :berserk2 Your are listed at so you will have to take your "projects" elsewhere.
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Re: video game addiction

Postby tomexin12 » 07 Jan 2021, 07:00

If it seems your child's love of video games is video game addiction, it could be headed towards what the WHO has classified as a mental health disorder: ...

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